The Gospel of Bucky Dennis, a Southern Gothic horror hymn by J. R. Parks, has been released.

Description: During the 1980s, the stink of evil permeates like bad cologne throughout Verney County, Mississippi. Hellhounds and demoniacs have taken up residence, hurtin’ on folks and gettin’ mean. But there’s one feller they didn’t count on. Bucky Dennis — high school football star, Vietnam veteran, and divorced father of two. Bucky’s the slack-jawed bayou bubba that won’t take no guff.

After a botched insurance sale to a British stockbroker turned werewolf, Bucky stirs from his post-war decomposition and crippling apathy only to be baptized in hellfire. With a five-fingered Buick and a .44 named Harriet, Bucky delves into the dark side of the unknown and uncovers a devilish plot for the world’s undoing.

Bucky Dennis is my celebration of the American classic, the B-Movie,” says Parks. “I wanted to write a speculative Southern Gothic that was aware of itself, not afraid to be campy, but still maintain a lot of the muddy, bloody Southern grit that makes the genre keen.”

You can pick up a copy here: The Gospel of Bucky Dennis

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