The Forsaken, The Apocalypse Trilogy: Book Two by horror author G. Wells Taylor launches at midnight October 30, 2008 at his personal website and at the Detective Wildclown website. To celebrate the release of The Apocalypse Trilogy: Book Two, Taylor will extend free ebook downloads of popular Book One in the series, (over 5,000 readers have downloaded copies already): When Graveyards Yawn.

When Graveyards Yawn begins when a dead lawyer hires Detective Wildclown to find his killer. The detective is soon entangled in a battle for control of a secret that offers hope or doom for humanity. Welcome to the World of Change. People stopped aging, the dead rose from their graves, it started raining and it’s been raining ever since.

The long-anticipated sequel, The Forsaken returns us to the World of Change when a Demon hires an assassin to kill an Angel from a rival gang. It’s not the first time the hit man’s had an employer from Hell, so he checks the fine print before setting bloody quill to parchment. Just one stipulation: he’ll have to make it quick if he wants to avoid the End of the World.

Powerful forces battle for mastery over the coming darkness as The Apocalypse Trilogy continues in this epic series by the creator of the Detective Wildclown case files and the World of Change.

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