Alkemara Press has released the digital edition of Douglas Clegg’s novel, The Children’s Hour, for only $3.99.

Description: In a town in West Virginia the first one disappeared…

On the highway down from Baltimore a successful writer returns home with his wife and children, remembering his childhood in the West Virginia hills, haunted by the disappearance of a young girl and by an accident that should have killed him, but didn’t.

Now The Others Must Follow

On the doorstep of her parents’ house a small, badly wounded child has been found.

Bleeding more blood than any child could possibly bleed, she will not live.

Nor should she. She disappeared thirteen years before.

Beneath a house on Watch Hill, in a town called Colony, a door has been opened. Those who have been waiting, waiting for their Angel, are about to come out. And for the good people of Colony, for the ones who never left and those who have come back, the Hour has come at last…

“I think you’ll dig my novel The Children’s Hour,” says Clegg. “Children, vampyrism, vanishings and an old mining town called Colony, West Virginia – one of my best novels of old school horror, where the creatures are nasty and the suspense is intense.”

You can pick up the Kindle edition here: The Children’s Hour

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