IFD Publishing is accepting pre-orders for the first two books in The Blood of Father Time series by Alan M. Clark, Stephen C. Merritt and Lorelei Shannon. The series is a time-travel fantasy inspired by actual historical events and the outlaw clans of early eighteen-hundreds Tennessee. It’s a coming-of-age story, an epic adventure, and a rich historical drama.

The first volume (The Blood of Father Time, Book 1: The New Cut) is the story of Joel Biggs, the intelligent, brutalized, bullying son of an alcoholic father. At twelve years old, Joel and two friends wander down a sunlit creek in rural Tennessee, and into the early eighteen-hundreds. There they run afoul of the infamous Wesley Pike and his band of vicious river pirates. With every bit of cunning, strength, and skill Joel can muster, he survives the adventure and makes it back to the present but is transformed. The book will ship late this month. You can pre-order it here: The Blood of Father Time, Book 1

The second volume (The Blood of Father Time, Book 2: The Mystic Clan’s Grand Plot) is a time-travel adventure involving the land pirates of early 1800s Tennessee and an alcoholic history professor, Joel Biggs, who is tormented by memories of a traumatic childhood adventure through time. The only person who could confirm the reality of this fantastic event has recently died and Joel has begun to doubt everything, even his own sanity. The only way he can find peace, the only way he can live with himself, is to travel back in time once more. If Joel can find his friend Mark, left behind in the 1800’s, perhaps he can redeem himself. But that means returning to a time and place of incredible danger, brutal violence, and sudden death. Joel will have to face overwhelming hardship – and he will have to face himself. The book is scheduled to ship in late July. You can pre-order it here: The Blood of Father Time, Book 2

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