We don’t venture into the art arena very often, but this is a slow time of year for horror and we came across an interesting piece on a unique artist who creates creatures that we thought you’d find interesting.

Her name is Amanda Louise Spayd, and Tor.com is currently running an interview with her by Lana Crooks who says, “I came across her work one evening, canvassing Chicago’s numerous gallery openings. I noticed upon arriving a small ‘family’ of tattered eerie rabbits in the window. They appeared to have embarked on a long and tiring journey from their home–covered in stains, worn, holding little working lanterns. When I returned home I immediately searched for Amanda’s name online, found her on Facebook and promptly messaged her. We became fast friends (and shared an eerily similar photo of a childhood Halloween costume). I have since had the honor of showing along side her and displaying her work at my gallery space. But, if you are not familiar with Amanda’s work, let me rectify that problem.”

You can read the entire piece (and view more of her creatures) here: Hand Cranked Creatures

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