USA Today has a nice piece about Stephen King’s participation in the Vertigo/DC Comics comic book series American Vampire, which showcases U.S. history through the eyes of a newly immortal bloodsucker.

“A traditional vampire is always a taker, and that’s the story of American expansion and laissez-faire and the rise of industrialism,” says King, adding that Skinner’s violent streak is his most essentially American trait. “The idea that he wants to come back and get his vengeance and he wants to get it as fast as he can and as harshly as he can, that’s a very American desperado thing.”

While it’s not exactly in vogue in current pop culture, King says there will always be an audience for the bloodthirsty vamp. “And when I say bloodthirsty, I mean thirsty for your blood. I don’t mean necessarily a bottle of Tru Blood they get in a bar, or Edward and his family going out there and basically hunting caribou to suck their blood.”

Catch the whole article – you’ll be glad you did – here: King Bites Back

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