Filmmaker Greg Lamberson has announced that his Slime City Massacre team is posting behind-the-scenes webisodes on the film’s production. The film commenced shooting this Friday, July 10th and the first two segments, focusing on the special make-up effects, are already live:

Episode #1
Episode #2

“These days it’s almost a necessity to shoot behind-the-scenes footage for marketing purposes,” Lamberson explains. “I thought, ‘Why wait until the film is finished and out on DVD for people to see what the cast and crew experience? It’s more interesting – and possibly more dramatic – for people to follow the production’s progress on-line almost as it happens, sort of like Project Greenlight did on cable TV.”

Each production episode will feature behind-the-scenes footage and cast and crew interviews. “I’m going to encourage the actors and production team to speak the truth to the camera, whatever they’re thinking. This will only be fun if it’s a warts and all look at the making of a low budget horror film – a real low budget horror film, not a $3 million flick financed using SAG actors.”

In other SCM news, Lamberson announced that Troma Team founder Lloyd Kaufman will have a cameo in the film. “This is a celebration of 1980s horror flicks, so I couldn’t leave Troma out of the mix. I was literally debating how to reference Toxic Avenger when Debbie Rochon told me Lloyd might be willing to do a cameo. What better reference is there than that? So I created a bit for him that his fans should find spectacular. We’re really pleased that he decided to give us some of his time.”

Slime City Massacre stars Rochon, Lee Perkins, Kealan Patrick Burke, Jennifer Bihl, Robert Sabin. Brooke Lewis and Roy Frumkes. The film is being produced by Marc J. Makowski and executive produced by horror writer John Maclay. Production is scheduled to wrap on August 2nd.

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