Cemetery Dance Publications is the world’s leading specialty press publisher of horror and dark suspense, with names on its roster ranging from Stephen King to Justin Cronin. Recently, with The Painted Darkness, the company tried its hand at ePublishing, and the results offer more evidence that old school publishing methods are, well, quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Now you can catch a great online interview with Cemetery Dance publisher and executive editor Richard Chizmar and Brian James Freeman, Cemetery Dance’s managing editor and author of The Painted Darkness, conducted by Joshua Jabcuga.

“eBooks are becoming more and more like DVDs every day, with special features that you could never have in a printed book,” says Chizmar. “For Cemetery Dance, nothing will ever replace a finely crafted collectible hardcover sitting in your special bookcase, but eBooks are becoming more and more interactive, and if that keeps people reading, that’s a great thing.”

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