The board of Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) has placed Dorchester Publishing Co, Inc. on probation after an inquiry in which they asked their members with Dorchester contracts to make the organization aware of any improprieties involving payment or rights.

By vote of the board, Dorchester Publishing is on probation as a qualified Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America market for a period of one year from December 10, 2010 to December 10, 2011.

In this case, “probation” means that although Dorchester would remain on the official list of qualified SFWA markets, during the term of probation, fiction published by Dorchester may not be used to apply for membership until after the probation is completed.

If Dorchester successfully completes its one-year probation, fiction contracted during that term will be viewed as acceptable for qualification for SFWA membership. If it does not SFWA will remove it from the list of approved markets.

You can read the full SFWA statement online here: Dorchester on Probation

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