Electronic publisher Ma2books has released Ryan Spier’s Angel of Retribution.

Description: He could feel no heartbeat, there was a gaping wound where his beating heart should be. A man with no memory awakens in a morgue, only to find he has been murdered. A chance meeting with an old friend leads him to his first clue, a corrupt detective. The man, Richard, soon discovers he has been resurrected as an angel, sent back as his younger, virtually indestructible self.

Another, much older angel, Jacob helps guide him on his mission against a worldwide organisation who deal in people, drugs and weapons. He discovers his wife and daughter have disappeared and the criminal organisation is responsible.

Action, suspense, conflict and drama as the two angels have to live with the consequences of their actions and be judge, jury and executioner.

Ryan Spier has written 4 novels and about 100 short stories. He grew up on a diet of Christopher Lee and Clint Eastwood films. He read ghost stories as a young boy and even had a paper skeleton hanging above his bed, named Skells. He listened to The Rolling Stones and The Beatles from the age of six.

Read an excerpt of Angel of Retribution: Excerpt

You can order the book in PDF format here: Angel of Retribution

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