PS Publishing has just received finished copies of R. Andrew Heidel’s Desperate Moon, David Herter’s On The Overgrown Path and T.M. Wright’s I Am The Bird. They’re still aiming to bring out the following titles before Christmas:

Postscripts #8 (due out w/c 16 October)
The Voyage of Night Shining White by Chris Roberson
Promised Land by Jack Dann
Past Magic by Ian MacLeod
Hereafter, And After by Richard Parks
The Scalding Room by Conrad Williams
Flavors of My Genius by Robert Reed
Where or When by Steven Utley
Twelve Collections & The Teashop by Zoran Živkovic
Julian by Robert Charles Wilson
The Mermaids by Robert Edric
Postscripts #9 (plus, for subscribers only, Elizabeth Hand’s winter chapbook, ILLYRIA).

Anything that doesn’t quite make it will appear very early in 2007. Then they’re aiming for the following to be available for the end of March:

The City Beyond Play by Philip José Farmer and Danny Adams
Out There In The Darkness by Ed Gorman
THe Moving Coffin by Ed Gorman
Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury
The Machineries of Joy by Ray Bradbury
The Colorado Kid by Stephen King
Postscripts #10
The Grin of The Dark by Ramsey Campbell
Dead Earth by Mark Justice and David Wilbanks
Living With The Dead by Darrell Schweitzer

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