Prototype by Brian Hodge is the third book in the Dark Essentials Series (Vol. 4) by Delirium Press. Description: Clay is the prototype, the first of many, programmed with a genetic code that turns him from an ordinary man into a murderous monster. Adrienne, a young psychologist, found him in a Tempe hospital, his hands splintered from the brutal beating he had inflicted on three men who had tried to mug him. To her, he was the most unusual John Doe, but she got his name. Then, she got his past. And then, she discovered the bizarre genetic abnormality in his blood, the abnormality that made him one of the most dangerous creatures on earth. Desperate to escape the evil in his genes, Clay turns to Adrienne and trusts her with his unfortunate history, a sad world of misfits and prodigies. But as he struggles for peace, both of them move further into the darkness, closer to the man who knows Clay’s secret and knows the others in the world just like him. Now, traveling across country, Clay and Adrienne grapple with their longings and their hope, guided only by the map written in Clay’s blood. And Adrienne may be Clay’s savior or his next victim.

Edward Lee says, “The most powerful novel from one of the genre’s most powerful artisans: in Prototype, Brian Hodge unleashes psychological and philosophical havoc in a Post-modernesque excursion of the worst kind of self-revelation. Can personal despair be progressive? Can it be a transitive event? Can darkness be utterly illuminating? Yes.”

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