After some lengthy consideration PS Publishing has decided on another change for the creature formerly known as Postscripts. Now approaching its seventh year, PS’s flagship publication – having already established itself as one of the premier magazines in horror, fantasy and SF short stories – has settled into life as a full-blown, bona-fide, state-of-the-art, no-questions-asked, tell-it-like-it-is, cutting-edge, where-it’s-at hardcover anthology containing all that’s exceptionally fine in the field of genre fiction.

But putting it out four times a year is taking its toll on … so PS Publishing is going to reduce the frequency to twice-yearly but, at the same time, double the contents. Thus the only thing that readers will be short of is two sets of boards every year. So, starting with the next volume (issues 20/21), they’re dropping Postscripts to two 150,000-word books per year — each one with its own title — instead of four 65,000-word issues. But worry not — it’s not going to cost you any more for your fix.

1,2, 3, 4 and even 5-year annual subscriptions (post & packing included) are available. And while individual copies will cost £30 for the unsigned edition and £60 for the signed traycased edition (yes, the top state will now be traycased), subs will still set you back just £50 and £100 for a one-year commitment, post-free. And, as a subscriber, you’ll also receive their signed winter hardcover chapbook (priced at £15) free of charge. (Past authors in this series are Gene Wolfe, Elizabeth Hand, Joe Hill, Ramsey Campbell and, this year, Andy Duncan.)

Plus, from here on in, subscribers will receive a PS novella – of PS Publishing’s choice – completely free of charge as soon as they sign up. And these books will be one per year of the subscription — so if you sign up here and now for five years then you’ll receive five novellas … unsigned books for unsigned subscriptions and signed books for signed subscriptions.

To find out more and/or subscribe: Postscripts

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