Author Interview: Barry Hoffman

Author Interview: Barry Hoffman

Barry Hoffman is no slouch when it comes to speaking his mind about subjects deemed too taboo by common societal standards. As the publisher of Gauntlet Magazine, he peeled back the corners of “off limits” topics ranging from racial equality to pornography to...

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Book Review: Tracks of My Tears

Book Review: Tracks of My Tears

Tracks of My Tears By: Barry Hoffman Gauntlet Press 2018 Reviewed by Rick Hipson With the final words from the last pages only moments behind me, Track of My Tears leaves much to be digested. Across the spectrum of so many moving parts my rolling emotions constitute...

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Crestwood Lake is a secluded town in northern Vermont, spawned from the
Salem Witch Trials. In a saga spanning four hundred years and two
continents, Satan and his coven of witches are determined to reclaim the
tortured community and establish a Hell on Earth.

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