Jeani Rector sent a copy of Open Grave: The Book of Horror along to us many months ago. I told her we had a backlog and there was no guarantee it would get reviewed, and that was okay with her. Unfortunately, we’ve had some reviewers disappear on us, and the backlog has grown even more out of whack. So instead of waiting until someone could get to it, I thought I’d just go ahead and let everyone know about Open Grave.

Description: Rick Evans doesn’t believe in ghosts. But that is about to change. Rick learns, too late, to be careful what he inadvertently invites into the world of the living through dabbling with occult games. Because what Rick invites is not so easy to uninvite. And that is just one of the stories out of Open Grave: The Book of Horror. Here’s another: A little girl escapes into the crawlspace, but what she finds underneath the house is worse than what she is running from. And more. This is a book full of scary tales that contains monsters, hauntings, demons, the Ebola virus, voodoo, lycanthropy and madness. From dark fantasy and pure suspense to classic horror, this book of nine stories and one novella is relentless in its approach to basic fears and has twisted, unexpected endings. So come and find out what terrifying things can creep out of an open grave to make your skin crawl.

It’s getting great reviews on, and I encourage you to check it out: Open Grave

And finally, my apologies to Jeani for the long delay and the lack of a formal review.

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