Issue 27, the newest issue of Dark Realms, is now available. It features: “London After Dark: Exploring London’s Haunted History and Gothic Landmarks,” “Red Vamp: An Interview and Photo Essay with Scream TV’s Classic Horror Hostess.” “Monster Files: On the Trail of Spring Heeled Jack,” “Sinister Science: The Dark Side of Technology and Man-made Disasters,” “Artist Spotlight: Phantasies in Photomanipulation by Stacey Ann Borg,” “Dr. Arcana presents The Regal Relic Riddle,” plus Madame Endora reveals the Path to Your Soulmate, and Ebon Flow: News and Vicious Rumors from the Shadows. $7.60. Or pick up a one year subscription for $25.00. It’s all here: Dark Realms

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