Just Past Sunset, Stephen King’s first collection in six years, is scheduled to be published by Scribner in November of this year. As always, the King collection will carry stories that range from the subtle and disturbing to the outright terrifying. Here’s the current list, though there may be a bonus story added …

“The Gingerbread Girl” (originally published in Esquire in July 2007), “Harvey’s Dream,” “Rest Stop,” “Stationary Bike,” “The Things They Left Behind,” “Willa” (originally published in Playboy), “Graduation Afternoon,” “N,” “The New York Times at Special Bargain Rates,” “Mute,” “Ayana” (originally published in The Paris Review), and “A Very Tight Place.”

In other King news, Lilja’s Library just posted an indepth three part phone interview with King. The interview covers the new book he’s working on, the upcoming collection Just Past Sunset (mentioned above), and a script he’s written for The Gingerbread Girl. Also discussed were Duma Key, The Dark Tower comic, his collaboration with John Mellencamp, The Mist and The Talisman 3. You can catch it all here: Lilja’s Library

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