Subterranean Press is in the process of finalizing contracts for a few new projects that will be on their schedule later this year or early next, including Skeletons by Ray Bradbury, which will contain his famous story “Skeleton” plus the ultra-obscure alternate version of the tale, which has not been reprinted in 63 years. Dave McKean will be illustrating the chapbook. SUbterranean is also adding The Six Directions of Space, a novella by Alastair Reynolds to the schedule, as well as the limited edition of Scott Lynch’s The Republic of Thieves, the third novel in his Gentleman Bastard sequence. Look for preorder announcements on these in the coming months.

In addition, Subterranean has two Neil Gaiman limited editions coming out this year. The first is Interworld, a YA novel he wrote in collaboration with Michael Reaves. Interworld is already completely designed, proofed, and ready to head to the printer as soon as the authors have had the chance to set pens to signature pages. The second book is Gaiman’s next major work, The Graveyard Book.

Finally, Subterranean has a nifty project with Brian Lumley lined up for 2009. The Nonesuch and Others contains the original title novella, plus two related short stories, one of them very obscure. Bob Eggleton will be contributing a cover and a goodly number of black and white vignette illustrations for the interior.

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