In the blink of an eye, the world goes mad. Brian Keene, bestselling author of The Rising, Ghoul, and Dead Sea, brings you the shocking chronicle of a common day, a common place, a common psychosis consuming everything in its path. Working against time and terror, the survivors must uncover the truth behind their own immunity. The secret lies in Jack’s Magic Beans.

This gripping novella provides a ferocious kickstart to the new series of apocalyptic fiction from Creeping Hemlock Press. Unto Dust: Tales of Apocalypse is an intriguing thematic follow-up to Corpse Blossoms, the critically-acclaimed and Stoker-nominated anthology of thrilling horror that culminated in the end of days. Each installment will be produced according to the particular demand for that work while offering a consistent series edition for collectors. Thus Jack’s Magic Beans will be available in three states, all signed: the series edition, the F.U.K.U. edition, and the lettered edition. (We currently have no information to provide on the lettered edition — stay tuned …)

Unto Dust I: Jack’s Magic Beans is the standard series version, the “Unto Dust Edition,” and will be available at the recommended price of $30 only through selected small retailers. Learn more: Creeping Hemlock Press

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