Ikthalion Press has announced the release of Nagrasanti by T. M. Moore (340 pages 8.5″ x 11″ Suggested retail $29.95).

A collection of illustrated short stories and inspired art with bite, Nagrasanti covers the origins of some of the minor characters featured in Destiny’s Forge and To Taste The Dragon’s Blood. These are completely original and speculative pieces of fiction that continue the theme of the vampire as hero and incorporate the best of science fiction, fantasy and horror, high adventure and romance within them. This book is rated R for violence, adult sexual content and blood. Go to: Nagrasanti for more information.

About the author: T. M. Moore has been an avid reader and writer of science fantasy adventure and a fan of genre films since 1964. She has written and published numerous works for small press publishers and her own SF fanzines. She writes in a strong visual style that brings the reader into her fictional world but leaves room for the reader’s own imagination.

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