Midnight Echo #10Midnight Echo, the Magazine of the Australian Horror Writers Association

Issue #10: Ghost Stories, November 2013

By Various Contributors

Pages: 127

Reviewed by Eden Royce 

Do you believe in ghosts?

Regardless of your answer to that question, do you believe that a horror magazine can be successful in a world of full-length novels? I do, because Midnight Echo has succeeded in putting together an excellent compilation of short horror tales and other features that make it so. (Sorry, I’m a Trekkie as well as a horror fan.)

What lies in wait after death has always been fascinating to writers and readers of horror. Even with their mere presence, ghosts can change the outcome of a story.  And should they decide to take action, no one is unaffected. Midnight Echo has chosen tales from both of these paths: ghosts that lurk, spirits that take matters into their own… hands?

These tales are Gothic in nature to me: creepy and atmospheric. The characters’ lives and sanity are at stake here and in most of the stories, you’re not sure which you’d rather lose. Ghosts bring out multiple reactions in us: fear, fascination, and a bit of sadness. Especially when the ghost is of someone we know.  Do you try to communicate… understand… help? Or do you flee, knowing that the thing in front of you isn’t the person you knew and loved?


Vincent Chong has created just the right cover for this issue: ethereal and haunting, with a touch of occult. Issue #10 also includes an interview with Friday the 13th author Victor Miller, a fascinating column about Australia’s ghosts by Andrew McKiernan, and Mark Smith-Briggs Celluloid Nightmares feature on the remake of Australian cult classic, Patrick.

Joseph Pinto’s “Lunch” is a heart-breaking tale of grief and remorse; with an ending that will make you forever after let those in mourning take all the time they need….

“Darker” by Zena Shapter was a enjoyable tale, blending dark fantasy with horror, to tell the story of a man that believes himself capable of taking revenge on an enemy by making a deal with a creature that calls itself more than a god. He’s quite wrong.

This issue is a great read all around. And as far as that first question in this review goes, maybe read this issue before you answer.

Recommended. Visit www.midnightechomagazine.com for full details.

About Eden Royce

Eden Royce is a writer and editor from Charleston, South Carolina whose great-aunt practiced root, a type of conjure magic. She now wishes she’d listened more closely.She is also the horror submissions editor for Mocha Memoirs Press and a regular contributor to Graveyard Shift Sisters, a site dedicated to purging the Black female horror fan from the margins. She is also featured in the book, 60 Black Women in Horror Writing.Besides writing, her passions include roller-skating, listening to thunderstorms, and excellent sushi. Visit Eden’s blog at darkgeisha.wordpress.com or her website at edenroyce.com.

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