Newly published author, Michael Garrett has announced the publication of his first novel, Lydia’s Birth. Description: Meet Lydia Hansen! Steamy, sexy seductress who confesses her sins to one man — her priest, Michael Murphy. She is so sweet and innocent, a good and loving wife. A good and loving wife until her husband’s affair drives her to commit an unspeakable sin. An unspeakable sin that puts her in touch with a part of her she had never known before. A part of her she never dreamed could exist. This unspeakable sin unleashes a blood lust only thought of in your worst nightmares. It takes control of Lydia’s life and takes her into a new realm of being. And now the new realm of being is for Lydia the only life she will know.

“I actually started writing my Lydia chronicles about 10 years ago and well, it has been a long road,” says Garrett. “I received an offer to publish right away, but unfortunately that publisher filed bankruptcy and the book was delayed. Between being a single dad and working full time, it’s been a long road.”

Garrett’s book was recently picked up by Publish America. While he’s very grateful, he now realizes that all the marketing is in his hands. “So off I am on another journey,” he says.

You can visit his website at: Lydia’s World.

You can purchase his book at: Lydia’s Birth

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