Looking At The World With Broken Glass In My Eye by Mark Justice. This new collection includes the reprint of his sold-out Deadneck Hootenanny and an introduction by Ronald Kelly and is now available for pre-order from Graveside Tales as a trade paperback for $13.95.

Here’s the lineup:

  • Introduction by Ronald Kelly
  • Author’s Foreword
  • Deadnecks
  • Black Wings
  • Closure – Unpublished
  • Life’s Work
  • Father’s Day
  • Nursing Home of the Gods – Unpublished
  • Auschlander’s Gem – Unpublished
  • Looking at the World with Broken Glass in my Eye – Unpublished
  • Hell is a Lonely Street – Unpublished
  • The Losers Vs Beelphegor
  • Song of the Bones
  • Deadtown (novella) – Unpublished
  • Agent of Death – Unpublished
  • Hole in the Sky
  • The Truths We Cannot Bear – Unpublished
  • Das Hollenfeuer
  • The Autumn Man(novella) – Unpublished
  • Deadneck Reckoning

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