Michael Arnzen invites Hellnotes readers to drop by the “Licker Launch Party” online this coming Thursday at 10pm eastern, hosted by The Lost and The Damned. Visitors can win free books from Arnzen’s library and Novello Publishers, given in a random draw at the end of the chat.

Licker is Arnzen’s new comedic horror novelette about a boy with an hallucinogenic tongue.  In an early review, Horror World’s Nate Kenyon calls it an “over-the-top, gross-out laugh riot … Arnzen clearly had a lot of fun in trying to outdo himself, from the very first paragraph all the way to the last.” Peter Straub says it’s “beyond over the top … Licker violates every possible notion of good taste, gleefully, and the result is an optimistic graveyard fandango.” And D. Harlan Wilson writes, “Mike Arnzen is the chicest, craftiest horror writer in the Biz, and Licker is among the best in his library.”

Signed copies are available by ordering through Shocklines Bookstore

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