Jeremy Shipp’s short stories “Losing” and “Ticketyboo” appear in the new anthology, Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror 2008.

The anthology contains an average of 10,000 words of terror from each of the 20 contributing authors, as well as an in depth bio, complete with photos, with more information about these up-and-coming authors than anyone has a right to know. Edited by Dave Rex, M. L. Chesley, Andrea Colleen and Jennifer L. Miller, Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror 2008 sports a sexy cover designed by Gabrielle S. Faust. Insightful introductions from Jordan M. Bobe (for the Ladies) and Jane Timm Baxter (for the Gentlemen), as well as a heartfelt “Editors Note” from LGOH creator, Jennifer L. Miller. 815 pages of pure, delightful horror. Get your full color or black and white copy today!

Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror 2008 is now available for a limited time in a full color pdf version here: Limited PDF. In approximately two weeks, the black and white print version will be available on

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