Dabel Brothers Publishing has announced the acquisition of an original story by Dean Koontz which they will develop in comic book and graphic novel form. Dean Koontz’s Nevermore, written by Keith Champagne based on an outline by Koontz and illustrated by Andy Smith, will be published in five comic-book issues between February and June 2009.

Nevermore’s hero is 35-year-old multibillionaire Robert Godric. In a desperate attempt to bring back his wife, Nora, who died at 33 of an aggressive brain cancer, Godric invents cross-time travel and searches for a living Nora on the infinity of parallel Earths. Inadvertently, he and his team encounter an alien hivelike race—the Hydra—that is conquering Earth after Earth after Earth. If the Hydra find our version by following Godric back to it, our civilization will not survive the invasion.

Del Rey, an imprint of Ballantine Books at the Random House Publishing Group, will distribute a graphic-novel collected edition of the individual comics.

“We are very excited about doing an original never-before-seen story by Dean Koontz,” said Ernst Dabel, president. “To put it plainly, Dean is a storyteller of the highest caliber.”

Dean Koontz has said, “I love working with the Dabels for their style and exuberance.”

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