Juno Books, a publisher of fantasy that focuses on female protagonists, will be moving into mass market paperbacks this fall with four titles. “Up to now, we’ve been publishing attractive trade paperbacks,” said editor Paula Guran. “We’ll continue with a mix of trades and mass market. The latter gives us further market penetration and a chance to reach a broader audience with our books.”

The first mass market titles will include, in September, Jamie Craig’s Chasing Silver, a steamy noir-ish futuristic/paranormal novel, and Blood Magic, a dark fantasy from debut author Matthew Cook. Dancing With Werewolves, an urban fantasy from veteran author Carole Nelson Douglas follows in October. Amberlight, a literate fantasy by Australian author Sylvia Kelso will be published in November. Sequels for all four are anticipated in 2008.

Juno Books is distributed nationally through Diamond Book Distribution. For more information, visit: Juno Books

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