Do you have a horror, thriller, scifi, or fantasy film or screenplay? The final entry date for Shriekfest 2011 is July 10th! Find out more at Shriekfest 2011

Diaphanous, the latest sci-fi/horror thriller from Bemidji author Roy C. Booth and R. Thomas Riley, is now available as a Kindle download for $2.99. Description: They seemed to have the perfect family until Mitch disappeared. The police think he abandoned his family; Loretta and Mitch’s brother, Ted, think something terrible happened to him. What they discover is something even beyond their wildest imagination … we are being colonized.

Haunted Computer Books has published the ebook anthology, American Horror, edited by Scott Nicholson, on Smashwords for only 99 cents. A collection of eight horror tales, featuring vampires, zombies, serial killers, monsters, and other creepy creatures of the night. Tales from Joe McKinney, Joseph Nassise, Lisa Morton, Kealan Patrick Burke, Maria Alexander, Jeremy C. Shipp, Simon Wood, and Nate Kenyon.

“My mother was a huge horror fan,” explains the Winnipeg author, Susie Moloney, whose latest horror-tinged novel, The Thirteen, hit stores this week. “She would get scared watching scary movies late at night and she’d come wake us up to keep her company.” Moloney and her brother obliged. And although the author claims, with a laugh, to have slept with her head under the covers ever since, terror clearly titillates her. Read the full interview: Susie Moloney.

Joe Hill is the pen-name of author Joseph King, 38, son of best-selling horror author Stephen King. Hill made his own literary debut in 2005 with a short-story collection, 20th Century Ghosts. His first novel followed in 2007. His latest, Horns, is out in paperback. You can catch a great interview with him here: Joe Hill

To Robopocalypse, his debut novel of a near-future machine revolution that sets about deleting the human race as if we were a particularly buggy subroutine, author Daniel H. Wilson brings plenty of ‘bot-related bona fides. He’s got a doctorate in robotics. You can read an excerpt here, scroll down the page: Robopocalypse

Most people don’t expect a New York City cop to be a Dartmouth College graduate from Sudbury who won an International Horror Guild award for his first novel. Sgt. Matthew Delaney’s second horror novel, Genome Inc., is expected out in the U.S. this year. Read an interview with the author here: Sgt. Matthew Delaney

The next zombie hit comes from none other than Image Comics, the publisher that introduced fans to the international best-selling hit The Walking Dead. ’68: Hardship is a stand-alone story based in the grisly world that horror writer Mark Kidwell carved out in the first two issues of the ’68 miniseries. Along with gifted colorist Jay Fotos, guest artist Jeff Zornow illustrates the horrific details of this story about what happens to one soldier when he returns home. Learn more: ’68 Hardship

A Clockwork Orange – 40 years Later … the movie resulted in death threats to Stanley Kubrick, who was living in England at the time.

On sale now is Baltimore: The Plague Ships, the first volume of a new graphic novel series by Mike Mignola, creator of Hellboy, one of the greatest comic book fantasy/adventure heros ever. Co-written with novelist Christopher Golden (Bloodstained Oz) and illustrated by Ben Stenbeck, Baltimore chronicles the dark travels of Lord Henry Baltimore, a soldier of World War I whose obsessive mission is to wipe out the monster whose plague has transformed much of Europe’s population into horrible vampires. Catch a preview: Baltimore

Canadian horror/comedy Todd & The Book of Pure Evil is a cult hit in its homeland, and is coming to America by way of FEARnet this August. The series is about a mystical book that grants teenagers’ deepest, darkest desires, …

Tananarive Due was a columnist for the Miami Herald when she wrote her first novel, The Between, in 1995. She carved out a niche in the supernatural genre by blending historical fiction with African folklore and tradition. Due is among the featured authors this weekend at the National Black Book Festival in Houston. Catch this interview with her: Tananarive Due is currently running Charlie Jane Anders’ “Six Months, Three Days.” Judy and Doug can both see the future, but where Doug sees a fixed road, Judy sees infinite possibilities. Can she convince him that their fate isn’t sealed before it destroys their relationship?

On Friday June 24th at a special time of 7:00p.m Dark Delicacies will host a signing for a group of unique DVD releases. Director Fred Vogel will be on hand to sign the DVDs of Sella Turcica, August Under Ground, Mordum, Penance, and The Maskhead. Writer/Director Scott Swann will also be signing The Maskhead plus Big Junior with Hans Bruno and Lilah.

An interview with Big Island author John G. Rees, whose self-published horror novels recently won a silver “Ippy” award from the Independent Publishers association.

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