There’s a nice interview with John Everson currently running on the Author J.E. Taylor Blog.

In response to a question about writing horror, Everson says, “I grew up a voracious reader, and was always really skilled with words. My love of reading definitely set my course for life, I think. I loved the way my favorite writers could tell a story and absolutely suck you into it so deep that your own world disappeared. And I wanted to be able to do that to other people! In school, I could “essay test” my way out of anything. I knew that somehow my future career had to be in writing and I worked as soon as I could on my high school, college and community newspapers. I earned a journalism degree in college from the University of Illinois and did a lot of basic reporting for newspapers and magazines as well as feature interviews with stars like Jay Leno and Gwen Stefani. It was clear early on that enjoyed doing those fun pieces a lot more than the news stuff. I just wasn’t cut out to be an investigative reporter – I was more interested in creative writing. I started placing short fiction in various small magazines in my 20s, and ten years later, my first novel, Covenant, was released from Delirium Books. Four years after that, it was picked up and released in mass market paperback by Leisure Books, along with the sequel, Sacrifice. Along the way, I also had three short fiction collections published – Cage of Bones & Other Deadly Obsessions, Vigilantes of Love and Needles & Sins.”

You can catch the interview in its entirety here: John Everson

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