Flames Rising is currently running an interview with Mark Allan Gunnells.

Gunnells is a horror writer living in the small South Carolina town he grew up in. He’s been writing horror fiction since he was a kid, publishing stories since he graduated from college. His recent novella, Asylum (The Zombie Feed/Apex Publications), takes Romero-style zombies and situations and populates them with complex (and deeply compelling) characters who, as Gunnells says below, happen to be gay.

In answer to a question about what he enjoys and what he doesn’t enjoy about writing, Gunnells responds: “I guess what I enjoy most about writing is finding out what happens next. For me, writing is an act of discovery as much as it is creation. [I write] whatever comes to mind. I find inspiration for stories in many things — something that happens to me, a conversation I overhear, a song on the radio — and if it occurs to me, I write it.

“I start the story, but when it’s really going right, the story takes over at some point and leads me. I love that. My least favorite part of the process is revision and editing. It’s a necessary part, vital even, and I accept that, but for me it just lacks the rush of actually being in the middle of the writing.”

You can read the interview in its entirety here: Mark Allan Gunnells

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