ChiZine Publications and Tightrope Books have announced a joint venture to produce a reprint anthology collecting speculative short fiction and poetry (science fiction, fantasy, horror, magic realism, etc.) that represents the best work produced by Canadian writers.

Canadian speculative fiction has been increasingly recognized internationally for the caliber of its authors and their insight into the nature of social and religious identities, the implications of new technologies, and the relationship between humankind and its environments. At their best, these stories disrupt habits, overcome barriers of cultural perception to make the familiar strange. They provide glimpses of alternate realities and possible futures and pasts that provoke an ethical, social, political, environmental and biological inquiry into what it means to be human.

Co-edited by Sandra Kasturi (ChiZine Publications) and Halli Villegas (Tightrope Books), Imaginarium 2011: The Best Canadian Speculative Writing will be published annually, with a guest editor each year. The first volume is scheduled for release in May, 2011.

For further information contact Sandra Kasturi, Co-Publisher, ChiZine Publications at [email protected] or Halli Villegas, Publisher, Tightrope Books at [email protected]; or visit the website at Imaginarium 2011.

To submit either poetry or fiction that has appeared for the first time in print or on the web in 2010 please email series editor Sandra Kasturi, Co-Publisher, ChiZine Publications at [email protected].

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