A teaser video for the much-anticipated sequel to director Tom Six’s twisted hit The Human Centipede was released last week by IFC Midnight. While the film won’t be released until 2011, you’ll find the The Human Centipede Part 2: Full Sequence teaser is an interesting watch.

Take a peek:

The Human Centipede is now available nationwide on video-on-demand on IFC Midnight, and will be out on DVD and Blu-ray October 5. Also, you can visit the IFC Midnight Facebook tab for updates on their upcoming films being released this month.

The scariest part about The Human Centipede wasn’t the crazy German doctor with his obscene experiments or even the idea of innocent people being sewn together, mouth to ass, into a grotesque and horrifying monstrosity. No, the scariest part was the film’s subtitle, “First Sequence,” because it implied that as truly messed up as The Human Centipede was, it might only be the tip of the iceberg.

Sure enough, Human Centipede writer/director Tom Six says that was just the warm up. “When I was writing [First Sequence], I had so many ideas that I couldn’t fit them all in the movie. And I wanted the audience to get used to this crazy centipede. Now, in ‘Part 2,’ I can use all my ideas. So everything is in it this time. I don’t hold back anything. It’s pretty nasty.”

Here’s a little more of the discussion with Six:

I know you’re wary about spoiling the new movie, but what can you tell us at this point about Human Centipede 2?

It will have a huge centipede with 12 people involved. Shooting it has been a massive operation. Lots of people. We shot the film in London with an almost entirely British cast. I can’t say whether any of the characters from the first film are coming back, but it’s going to be pretty different than the first one.

In the world of horror sequels, many have tried but few have succeeded. What in your mind is the secret to making a good horror sequel?

I think the key is originality. So many sequels that I see don’t work because they’re almost the same as the first film. So when I was working on my sequel, I wanted to make something really original. And I think people will be blown away by Part 2 because it’s something they would never expect. I read people speculating on IMDb or Internet forums about what’s going to happen in Part 2 and they’re all wrong.

You’re the star of this first teaser for Full Sequence. How did that happen?

We didn’t want to reveal that much in the first teaser. So we couldn’t show much except for me. So you see me walk through one of our locations and then I reveal one of the lead characters in the story with a box on his head. It’s pretty funny. We didn’t want to show any material from the set because then you’d see what the centipede looks like and get a peek at the surprise. But you do get a glimpse of the lead actor and he’s really crazy.

The Human Centipede is a disturbing film, but it’s certainly not one of the goriest ever made. It’s horrifying, but it’s not excessively graphic. Were you ever surprised by the extreme reactions people had to the film?

I knew when I wrote the script that it was going to be controversial. There are movies that are more gory, but somehow this film messes with your head. People find it so degrading that they think that because I can imagine such horrible things that I must be a pervert or an idiot or an escapee from a mental hospital. It’s all make believe, of course, but I knew it would get a reaction like this.

You’ve shown the film all over the world. Do reactions vary from country to country?

They’re totally different. In Italy, people were quiet. They were really absorbing the film. In Japan, they laughed all the way through the film. They saw it as humor or something. In the U.S. I saw a guy vomit during a screening. He was eating during the film and I thought “That’s probably not a good idea.” And he barfed it all out in the middle of the theater. And I’ve seen people walk out of the theater almost everywhere in the world. That’s universal.

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