Located along the coast of North Carolina, Ahmen’s Landing is a small town steeped in history and folklore. Every old house has a story to tell. Wooded paths cut through the thickets to dark, forgotten places. The churning waves hiss like angry ghosts. Such is the strange nature of the town, the locals have given it the nickname of Ominous Landing.

Ominous Landing is a shared fictional world created by Cullen Bunn, Curtis Hoffmeister, M. L. Howard, Jimmy Z. Johnston, S. Elias Marx, J. P. Edwards, and Bryan Newton. The stories on this site are serialized, and each contributor will build his tales over the course of time, thereby helping the fictional locale to evolve and grow. Each section stands on its own, although there may be crossovers and cameos in future installments. Readers need not read each section, but the full history (and future) of Ahmen’s Landing will be in the hands of each contributor.

The sections of Ominous Landing include: Countless Haints By Cullen Bunn, The Lamp By Curtis Hoffmeister, Soul Swimming By Bryan Newton, Shades of Ether By S. Elias Marx and J. P. Edwards, Fortunes by Jimmy Z. Johnston, and Whited Sepulchre by M. L. Howard. It’s all at: Ominous Landing

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