Over the last 30 days the British film watching public has been invited to cast their votes for The British Thunderclap Award for the best director of an independent British film. Seven films were nominated for Official Selection. The votes have now been checked and counted.

The top four places in the British Thunderclap Award for Best Director 2008 are:

1st Place (49.85% of the vote)
Chris Jones
Gone Fishing

2nd Place (21.09% of the vote)
The Blaine Brothers
Hallo Panda

3rd Place (11.41% of the vote)
Franny Armstrong
The Age of Stupid

4th place (10.46% of the vote)
Mark James and Phil O’Shea
Vampire Diary

The British Thunderclap Award was set up to find and publicly recognise the director who, as voted by the British film audience, is producing the most innovative or interesting work in British independent film. Be it in features, shorts, documentaries or fiction, the award aims to reward the director who so clearly stamps his or her own individual identity, creativity and vision on an independent film, regardless of budget or professional standing.

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