Encouraged by the popularity of her first Ghost Stories eBook, which became a Kindle Best Seller within one month of release, author Emily Hill, has released Ghost Stories and Tales of Terror: Book Two.

A.V. Harrison Publishing reminds readers, “If you’ve read Ghost Stories and The Unexplained: Book One of the Suspense and Terror series, you are primed and ready for ten more degrees of anxiety as this Kindle Best Selling author takes you on a tour of haunted houses, ghoulish grave sites, and spirited sailings.”

“In presenting a five-story collection of Suspense and Horror, this ancestral niece of Baltimore’s James Ryder Randall weaves and spins depravity like no other author on the Kindle Terror Scene this Season!” says her publisher, who represents breakout IndieAuthors.

Hill has set up five sets of hapless characters who endure the psychological torture of entities from The Other Side, including little Miss Danielle whose bedtime visitor isn’t the neighborhood friend her mother has in mind for her; the greedy Civil War captain who – in his last moments of life – is treated to a preview of Hell’s fire as his over-reach for buried treasure supersedes his better judgment.

In the center-piece story of Ghost Stories and Tales of Terror: Book Two entitled, “Staring Into the Eyes of the Beast,” readers dine side-by-side with the Browning family of Bodie, California as they are visited upon by imps and beasts from Beyond the Grave in a shattering story of surrealism and horror.

Check it out: Ghost Stories and Tales of Terror

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