Gauntlet Press offices will be closed June 11-14th while they attend the Horror Writers Association (HWA) Stoker Award Weekend in Los Angeles.

They are currently firming up details for the Gauntlet Press Stoker Party. They’ve also secured a DVD player so both R.C. Matheson and F. Paul Wilson will be showing some of their short films. R.C. Matheson will also preview the forthcoming album of his band (with cover art by Harry O. Morris). Lead guitarist/songwriter Preston Sturges, Jr. and producer JD McKean will also be signing the album, making it a unique collectible (R.C. Matheson describes the music as rock/blues/jazz).

As far as Gauntlet knows Richard Matheson will not be signing books while at the Stokers (due to a wrist injury). However, they will have signed limited editions of many of Gauntlet’s Matheson books, as well as unsigned copies of his Gauntlet Press trade paperbacks and the hardcover of Abu and the 7 Marvels, at the Gauntlet Press table at the dealers room at the Stokers. Anyone purchasing these books at their table will receive a bookplate Matheson has signed. Gauntlet will not provide bookplates for any books previously purchased before the convention.

Finally, Gauntlet has been given a second table for Gauntlet Press authors/artists. They’ll be in touch with all Gauntlet Press authors/artists and will have a schedule set up for those attending, during which they will sign both Gauntlet Press titles and any other book you might bring.

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