PageTurner Editions and its parent company, Renaissance E Books, Inc., are celebrating the tenth anniversary of their science fiction imprint, Futures-Past Editions, with its own dedicated URL.

As a sub-imprint of PageTurner Editions, Futures-Past Editions has been one of the leading ebook sources of contemporary and classic science fiction, fantasy, and horror since 2001.

Currently Futures-Past Editions are available in a wide variety of formats at all major ebookstores, including the brand stores for Kindle, Sony, Palm, and B&N, as well as Fictionwise,, eBookmall, and others.

Futures-Past Editions issues new science fiction, fantasy and horror ebooks by bestselling authors such as Joe Vadalma (the Morgaine series about a modern day Sorceress), Ardath Mayhar (Balrog winner, Nebula nominee, and a slew of other awards and nominations), Stuart J. Byrne (veteran 50s pulpster whose newest novel, Star Quest was the number one sf ebook bestseller at for five weeks running), J. D. Crayne (the Captain Spycer books), Jac Eddins (the Minstrel’s Song series) plus Matt Kirkby, Michael Swanson (the Evil Heights Quartet), Octavio Ramos Jr. (Startling Science Stories Best Original Fiction Award), and others.

Futures-Past also issues ebook reprints of classics by Golden Age masters like Nebula nominees Raymond Z. Gallun and Ross Rocklynne, Hugo nominee Rog Phillips, Hugo winners Mark Clifton and Frank Riley, plus Harry Bates (The Day the Earth Stood Still), Larry Maddock (Agent of T.E.R.R.A.), Edmond Hamilton (The Star Kings), A. Merritt, Sam Merwin Jr., H. P. Lovecraft, Francis Stevens, Philip Jose Farmer, Philip Francis Nowlan (Buck Rogers), Don Wilcox, Arthur K. Barnes (The Interplanetary Huntress), John Taine, Cleve Cartmill, and other celebrated authors.

Futures-Past also presents a unique series of Bargain Omnibus Editions of science fiction and fantasy classics, each ebook contains three or more complete novels, usually by a single author, including the Tarzan and Barsoom novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs, plus William Morris, Lord Dunsany, Garrett P. Serviss, Jules Verne, H. Rider Haggard, Murray Leinster, Sax Rohmer, and H. G. Wells.

“To celebrate the launch of the new URL and its Tenth Anniversary,” says Associate Editor Jean Marie Stine, “we are publishing twelve new books by Joe Vadalma, M. Christian’s collection, Love Without Gun Control, and the never reprinted concluding volume in Harry Bates’ classic pulp space opera saga, The Hidden World [The Interplanetary Adventures of Space Hawk #5] from the pages of the golden age Amazing Stories (1942).

Future publications include a new Captain Spycer novel by J.D.Crayne and the classic pulp saga Johnny Mayhem: The Man Who Saved the Universe by C. H, Thames, plus several of the legendary lead novels from the pages of the 1940s Planet Stories.

It’s all happening here: Futures-Past Editions

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