Popular Scream Queen Victoria De Mare has signed on to play “The Queen of Heaven” in Nathyn Brendan Masters new action based sci-fi/horror mystery Divinity: Mark of the Antichrist.

Divinity: Mark of the Antichrist, a sci-fi action film about a Vatican intelligence agent running afoul of an ancient and powerful military order during an investigation into the disappearance of a dead priest’s body, has begun preproduction. In describing the film Masters states “It involves everything from psychotropic booster drugs, to ghostly apparitions and it will be heavy on martial arts.”

According to the Bible The Queen of Heaven was a pagan goddess worshipped by the Canaanites. “The Jewish Torah and Christian Old Testaments say God became angry when some of the ancient Jews also began to worship her.” Explains Masters, “Victoria was actually going up for the part of Sister Diana but her look was perfect for The Queen. So we decided we wanted to work with her for our evil empress of the spiritual realm.”

Masters also added Chicago native martial artist Jen Albert to the cast. The movie’s “Blogger” blog calls her a “captivating, vixen with piecing blue eyes” and list her as being trained in several combat styles including Aikido, Jiu-Jitsu, Karate and Krav-Maga. The final entry on her states, “She can kick major butt and will be doing so in this film. Be on the look out for her in more of our flix.” Masters also managed to land the beautiful Deneen Melody from the upcoming Don’t Look In the Basement remake.

Masters originally planned the film as a prequel to his 2004 film The 4th Beast: Mask of the Antichrist then thought it would be best as a sequel then finally deciding it would have no connection to the original. “It could indeed be considered a stand alone sequel but it really has no connection to the first aside from subject matter.”

The film will begin shooting in the summer of 2009 in Chicago and will star Masters himself. Masters has started a diary over at the popular filmmaker hub-site DVXuser.com in the “User Films” section.

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