We always have some exciting horror auctions going on, twenty-four hours a day, every day of the week here. For your own horror needs or for the horror needs of someone you love, this is a great area to find unique, otherwise difficult to find items. You’ll find the menu on the outside right column, about a half way down this page.

At the time of this post, you can find great Horror Audiobook auctions for Little Evil Things, Volume I, Dracula, Frankenstein 60+Classic Horror Mp3 Audiobooks, Dreamcatchers by Lucy Taylor, and more.

Horror Magazine auctions for Fangoria Horror Magazine 279 Unborn Friday The 13th, Famous Monsters Of Filmland #46, #50, #54, Magazine Of Horror #36 1971 Digest Robert E. Howard, and more.

Horror DVD auctions for Horror Classics New Dvd Sealed Vincent Price Return Of Killer Tomatoes And Return To Horror High, 1970 Count Yorga, Vampire Donna Anderson Horror New DVD Jason Goes to Hell Friday the 13th Magnet Horror, and much more, both classic and new.

In the Horror Video Games section, you’ll find Resident Evil 2 Rare Dreamcast Horror Game! Mint, DOOM 3 Xbox 360 Games Classic PC Game Surival, The Thing w Manual PS2 Antarctic, Dead Rising Xbox 360, and many more to choose from.

Hellnotes Horror Auctions also cover horror books, music, videos, poster, memorabilia, and comics.

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