Haunted Pelican Press begins its maiden voyage in bringing fiction of the highest caliber to fans of the macabre by announcing its first anthology, Five Strokes To Midnight, scheduled for publication sometime this year.

Starting with Five Strokes To Midnight, each volume in the series will showcase four well-known writers of dark fiction, as well as one newcomer to the field. The first volume features multiple, all-new works from Bram Stoker Award-winner Christopher Golden, Bram Stoker Award-winner Gary Braunbeck, Bram Stoker Award-winner Tom Piccirilli, southern gothic sensation Deborah LeBlanc, and hard-hitting newcomer Hank Schwaeble. Each writer will be offering approximately 20,000 words of fiction — comprising at least two stories per author inspired by a theme of the author’s own choosing. For this first volume, readers can look forward to multiple tales on the subject of Folklore (Golden), Hauntings (Braunbeck), Loss (Piccirilli), Curses (LeBlanc), and Demons (Schwaeble) — all the fear readers can handle in one book, and then some.

Each writer’s section will feature an original illustration by none other than Ashley Laurence (Hellraiser, Hellbound: Hellraiser 2, Lightning Bug) who also provides the full-color, nightmarish cover.

To learn more and pre-order, visit: Haunted Pelican Press

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