Gabrielle Faust is currently celebrating the upcoming release of the third novel in her post-apocalyptic vampire series, Eternal Vigilance, by publisher Immanion Press (Stafford, UK), owned and operated by legendary fantasy author Storm Constantine.

The currently crowned Queen of Cyber Goth and recently dubbed New Orleans Vampire Royalty continues her epic story of Tynan Llywelyn and his quest to save the world from an evil technological dictatorship and the vampiric god they wish to invoke in Eternal Vigilance III: Bound in Blood.

Description: When Tynan Llywelyn awoke from a century of Immortal Sleep in the year 2111 his Maker, Phelan Daray, delivered him by force into the arms of a war between the Tyst Empire, a global technological dictatorship bent on becoming immortal by resurrecting a vampiric god called the Vicinus and the Phuree, the human rebel uprising. Without a chance to fully adapt to the dangerous war-torn world around him, Tynan was forced to make a horrific choice to either stand and fight against the Tyst Empire, carrying out a mission to assassinate the Queen bearing the vampiric god, or turn his back on the world, leaving it to the mercy of the Tyst’s greed and the Vicinus’ revenge. Against his better judgment, he chose to fight. Now, with the rage of a thwarted empire and a denied primal god bearing down upon him, Tynan must make his final stand, risking everything to save not only his own vampiric race, but humanity as well.

Eternal Vigilance III: Bound in Blood is currently available for pre-order via the official Faust website: Gabrielle Faust. All copies purchased pre-order through this site will be signed by the author and will be accompanied by a limited edition signed poster and copy of the compelling collaborative album Something To March To featuring Solomon Schneider, Lauren Begent, Seth Walker and DJ Chango.

The official release date of Bound In Blood is September 1st.

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