Borderlands Press is now taking reservations for F. Paul Wilson’s Virgin. It’s the mid-1990s and F. Paul Wilson is making a big splash in the medical thriller category. But an idea for a different kind of thriller – a religious thriller, sparked by reading Thomas F. Monteleone’s Blood of the Lamb – takes hold. He can’t shake the idea. It demands to be written. So Wilson follows the credo that has made his career such a rollercoaster ride: Write the next book, no matter what it is. The result is Virgin. He loves it, he’s proud of it, but he knows publishing it under his own name at this point will confound the growing audience for his medical thrillers. The solution: Put his wife’s maiden name on the cover. And so, in 1996, Virgin by Mary Elizabeth Murphy was published as a paperback original. It suffered the nasty, brutish, and short life of most paperback originals and has not been seen or heard from since. Until now. In 2007, Borderlands Press will be publishing the first-ever hardcover edition of Virgin. It will have a revised text and, also for the first time, F. Paul Wilson’s name on the cover. Limited to 350 copies, and shipping in January, 2007, more information can be found here: Virgin

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