Gauntlet Press has reported that the Harry O. Morris cover for the final installment in F. Paul Wilson’s YA Repairman Jack series, entitled Secret Vengeance is in. Morris and Wilson worked together on the cover. Wilson provided ideas, Morris sent him three pieces of art to choose from, Wilson chose the one you see here and Morris made some minor changes at Wilson’s request. Author/artist working together is not something you see with mass market releases (and sometimes not even in the specialty press).

Description: Weezy was attacked on a Saturday night…

The hottest guy in school thought she’d be easy, but she wasn’t. And now he’s spreading stories about her. Weezy may be the smartest girl at South Burlington Regional High, but she’s emotionally fragile. Jack sees her starting to crack and decides he’s got to act. His first impulse is to apply his baseball bat to the guy’s knees, but no…in his inimitable way, Jack devises a punishment much worse than broken bones.

Along the road to vengeance, he learns secrets about Weird Walt, his father, and himself; he meets the mysterious Mr. Foster, has a run-in with Mr. Rozen’s strange nephew, and falls in with some even stranger piney kids.

But the biggest surprise of all occurs when Jack’s revenge scheme takes a shocking and unexpectedly deadly turn.

In F. Paul Wilson’s third young adult novel, the teenage Jack demonstrates the devious skills that will serve him later in life as the urban mercenary known as Repairman Jack.

You can pre-order here: Secret Vengeance

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