Gauntlet Press has announced that the first in a trilogy of Repairman Jack prequels, F. Paul Wilson’s Secret Histories, is moving along quickly. They’ve just received and approved the bluelines so it’s possible they’ll receive the book sooner than expected. They’ve also ordered slipcases and traycases, which should arrive in early January.

Gauntlet strongly suggests you order the book now, if you have not already done so, as this could sell out quickly, as have their other Repairman Jack titles. For those new to ordering direct from Gauntlet Press, you are guaranteed a copy of whatever you order. With a book such as Secret Histories, they get literally hundreds of orders from national distributors which they can’t fill. However, if you don’t order until after publication, they can’t guarantee they’ll have any remaining. You can learn more and order here: Secret Histories

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