Set for release on January 25th 2012 by RoundFire (John Hunt Publishing), Extinction is the new novel by Ron Myer. It’s the first ever biotech spiritual thriller, and is designed so that the reader experiences their own spiritual journey as they avidly follows the protagonist Dr. Kira Taylor’s fictional one.

Can Dr. Kira Taylor develop a higher level of consciousness in time to save humans from going extinct? Extinction, brings together the leading edges of science and spirituality in an engaging thriller as forces of good and evil race to find cure for the Terminator Gene, think Jurassic Park meets The Celestine Prophecy.

Ron Meyer owns Centre Communications, a producer of movies and documentary DVDs, with sales exceeding one million units. He has authored the books Aikido in America and Center: The Power of Aikido. In addition, he has been a proponent of the Integral Consciousness movement for the past ten years and is one of the world’s most accomplished fossil collectors.

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