Charles Tan is conducting a series of interviews with the contributors to The Beastly Bride for SF Signal. The first interview of the series has been posted. It’s with Terra L. Gearhart-Serna, whose first published story “Coyote and Valorosa” appears in the book.

“The story was actually originally written for an English seminar titled “Feminist Fairy Tales,” which I took at the University of Pennsylvania my senior year of college,” says Gearhart-Serna. “I wrote it as part of the course’s midterm assignment, which asked students to write their own creative retelling of a fairy tale. Beauty and the Beast was one of the stories that we had covered in the class, and I had always liked it–I loved the Disney movie in part because the heroine was a brunette, like me (a breakthrough after so many blonde princesses!) and because the romance in it seemed somehow sweeter than in most fairy tales – that’s just my impression, I’m not sure why. I think I was attracted to the idea of falling in love with someone who was so completely out of sync with conventional princely-ness, if that’s a word. It appealed to the romantic in me, I suppose.”

Catch the complete interview on SF Signal: Terra L. Gearhart-Serna

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