Gabrielle S. Faust reports that she’s been working on a script for the film adaptation of Eternal Vigilance with director Anthony Brownrigg.

“We are very excited about it and are working hard to make this a reality,” says Faust. “In an effort to prove to movie studios that there is a demand for this film I have created an online petition where we’re trying to obtain 500,000 signatures between now and the end of the year from people who think that Eternal Vigilance would make a great film! We will present this along with our script as evidence of our dedication to the film, as well as the audience awaiting the film’s creation.”

The petitiion reads:

We are of a firm belief that the post-apocalyptic vampire series Eternal Vigilance by author Gabrielle S. Faust would make for an epic movie. In order to show our enthusiasm for this creative project and prove to possible movie studio executives that there is a demand for this film to be made, we would like to invite you to sign this petition to show your support. The acclaimed indie director Anthony Brownrigg (Freeborn, Red Victoria) has already signed on to this project and is hard at work on the final script for the first film. The third novel in the Eternal Vigilance series is due out in September of 2010. It is our goal to obtain at least 500,000 signatures between now and the end of 2010 to present during our pitch sessions. If you believe in the vampire genre and you believe in indie film dreams, please show your support and spread the word about this petition!

If you’d like to sign the petition, it’s here: Eternal Vigilance

“Please sign it to show your support and tell everyone you know about it.” says Faust. “Together we can make this indie project a reality!”

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