Filmmaker and novelist Gregory Lamberson (Slime City and Personal Demons) has cast actress Erin Brown as the female lead in Gruesome, the short film/music video based on his upcoming novel, Johnny Gruesome, and rock CD Gruesome. Brown, known to softcore and horror fans around the world as Misty Mundae, stars as Karen Slatter, girlfriend of Johnny Grissom, a murdered head-banger who becomes the vengeful zombie Johnny Gruesome.

“It’s a strange business,” Lamberson says. “I originally offered the role to Erin, but she was busy on another shoot and wasn’t able to get back to me. So I cast another actress, who then accepted a role in Bachelor Party 2 that conflicted with my shoot. At that point, I was able to get hold of Erin, my original choice, so everything worked out for the best. From the minute I decided to cast a scream queen as Johnny’s girl, I thought Erin was perfect for the role.”

Brown’s recent projects include the features Sinful and Skin Crawl, as well as the “Sick Girl” segment of Masters of Horror, and she recently completed Dying God, scripted by Nicanor Loreti, in Argentina.

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