Macabre Ink Digital has released Steve Vernon’s Devil Tree in a digital edition for only $3.99.

Description: The roots of evil run deeper than you can ever imagine.

Lucas Sawyer and his wife Tamsen find themselves marooned in the heart of a mid-nineteenth century wilderness forest. They are rescued by Jonah Duvall, a mysterious woodsman abiding in this strange valley with his wife Jezebel and their son Cord. Brooding over all stands the Devil Tree – a huge evil jack pine that has summoned them to this valley to feed upon their collective emotions and their unnatural offspring. Part earth spirit, part elder demon – the tree is farming them.

The characters are bound in a tightening noose of undeniable fate. As winter sets in they must face the tree’s unholy fury in an utterly horrific finale.

A 60,000 word horror/historical novel.

You can order a copy for the Kindle here: Devil Tree

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