Bad Moon Books is set to release Demon by Erik Williams in a trade paperback edition on September 15th.

Description: Mike Caldwell is a CIA assassin dealing with what may be an unstoppable pathogen that turns the infected into primal killing machines. The truth, though, is far scarier. Once he learns what he’s actually facing, Mike will wish he was dealing with hundreds of deadly pathogens.

At a remote construction site in Iraq, the ancient prison of the fallen angel Semyaza is unearthed and opened. For the first time in thousands of years, Semyaza is free. Free to move in and amongst the humans he so dearly hates. And Hell follows with him.

Now Mike is on its trail, hunting a demon whose mere presence turns every living thing near it into a weapon of mass destruction. A demon who would love nothing more than to wipe out all of humanity. Both are merchants of death on a collision course.

Yeah, Mike wishes it was just an unstoppable pathogen.

You can pre-order the book directly from the publisher here: Demon

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